I truly trust you enjoy my fictional short story (or is it)as I share a moment of magic, healing and hope…

Opening the car door and stepping out, she hooked her foot on the side edge of the car floor, stumbling. A sharp pain shot up her leg as she steadied herself. Cursing to herself, she leant back into the car, reaching for her beach bag. She closed the door to her faithful laser-red convertible.

‘Fourteen years and still going strong,’ she thought proudly.

She limped across the rich, green lawn, absently noting how soft and lush it still looked for the middle of summer. She reached the bituminised path and felt the heat rising, grateful she had remembered to wear her thongs; she usually walked barefoot to the beach. She glanced to the cloudless sky for a moment and watched the seagulls hovering overhead, scanning for their next unlucky prey. She reached the top of the slope and beheld the vast expanse of ocean. The waves danced, sparkling under the glaring sun, gently breaking along the shoreline.

She regarded the crowds of people concealing the fine, white sand. Beach umbrellas, chairs and sunshades splashed varying shades of yellows, blues, reds, greens and purples along the sweltering sand. She debated struggling across the loose sand. Seeing herself stumbling through the sand like a penguin floundering on ice, she chose an easier path. She took the smooth pathway to the jetty instead. Holding onto the wooden railings, recently painted white in preparation for the busy tourist season, she hobbled towards the end of jetty.

“Swim,” the specialist had said abruptly as she left his consulting rooms.   He may as well have pushed her out the door as she felt his mind dismissing her.  Her knee operation had been a success, apparently, but the swelling had not subsided as it should have. “Lucky it was her left knee” she thought to herself.  At least she was able to drive without too much discomfort. It was lack of sleep, from the constant burning ache, that was debilitating.

She reached the end of the jetty, leaning over the edge of the railing, staring into the water below. The sea shimmered like an exotic dancer’s sensual number. The vibrant turquoise was covered in diamante beads, cascading over graceful curves. Silver fish glistened in the depths below, gliding through their watery playground. She watched the fish darting and chasing, her mind wandered absently, mesmerised by the sound of waves playing rhythmically. She felt the welcoming pull, as though invisible arms were drawing her into a watery embrace.

dolphinsA raised voice drew her from her vague reflective thoughts. She turned to the commotion and saw a young boy pointing out to the pontoon floating aimlessly near the jetty. The dorsal fin slowly rose and curved downwards again. She didn’t hesitate, pulling her thin beach dress from over her shoulders. Four steps and she had dived off the jetty, the shock of cold after the scorching heat drilled through her. When she had adjusted to the temperature change, she excitedly wondered if the graceful creature’s curiosity would entice it to her.

Treading water she remember reading that terminally ill people would pay to swim with dolphins to receive a magical gift of healing. “When the sick touched them, were they healed?” she wondered.

She was startled as simultaneously she heard a shout of glee from above and a splash behind her. She felt a tingling sensation running up her legs. It continued up her body to the top of her head, in pulses of prickly yet pleasurable feeling, like a little baby porcupine gently rolling over her skin.

She realised the dolphin must be near her. She tried to see through the waves but the watery distortion and glare made it difficult to focus. The tingling had already started to fade as she turned to where she had heard the splash. She could feel a sense of peace, like a surrender of emotions releasing her body into relaxing submission.

She heard another shout. Looking up she saw faces laughing and smiling, pointing towards her. She again felt the wave of tingling surging through her body. She looked down into the sea, watching the lights that sparkled around her body, flickering and flashing.

She wondered why she didn’t feel frightened. It was as though she was being soothed into a place of pure tranquility, nothing to fear. An irresistible desire to connect to the dolphin overcame her, to surrender to nature, wild and free. She contemplated removing her bathing costume.

’Vulnerable yet invigorating,’ she thought. ‘Alive’.

The tingling slowly stopped, lights faded and the commotion from above subsided. She no longer wanted to remove her bathers. She chuckled to herself. ‘That would have been embarrassing’, she thought with a smile.

She knew the dolphin had left and wondered if anyone else had seen the lights flashing around her body. She slowly swam to the jetty ladder. Her body felt incredibly relaxed, yet energised. She pulled herself up, carefully avoiding the knife sharp barnacles. She climbed, noticing flakes of rust peeling from the ladder railings. She gripped cautiously, avoiding metal splinters in her hands.

Reaching the top, she stepped onto the jetty and glanced to the side. The young boy was smiling at her. He said nothing but she suspected he had seen. The adults around her made comments of being game or brave. She didn’t feel she was. She loved dolphins and had always had an admiration, a respect for them. She had never felt any sense of fear towards dolphins; to her they were the dogs of the sea, highly intelligent and intuitive. She gathered her beach dress up and pulled it over her head. Picking her beach bag up she started walking along the jetty, back to her car.

She slowly strolled sensing a change. Her mind was empty and free. She felt good. She suddenly realised she couldn’t feel her knee. No pain. She wasn’t limping.

‘I wonder…’ she thought looking down to her knee.

Catherine May Smith Soul Abundance CoachCatherine May Smith, Abundance Life Coach 

Catherine has successfully completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Associate Diploma in Accounting, as well as being a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Catherine is an Energy Healer, obtaining Certificates in Reiki & Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy and has also completed an Angel Intuitive Communication Certification with World renowned Author Master and Teacher Doreen Virtue Ph.D.  She has had various articles published  in the Nova Magazine.  



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