A relaxed body easily absorbs required nutrients.

Imagine a sponge twisted tight with water pouring over it. The sponge cannot absorb the water. The air pockets have been closed off and the sponge is so tightly squeezed until it cannot absorb the moisture. This is how your body is when you  are anxious and stressed. The muscles, tendons and organs are so tightly clenched the nutrients being circulated through your body cannot be absorbed. I have many clients say to me “I’ve always been low in iron, vitamin B, C, D etc. levels and have to take artificially manufactured nutrients”. When I have spent more time with the individuals they are always suffering from emotional anxiety and physical stress. By taking supplement pills they have been flushing their money down the drain. For although your body is ingesting a higher concentration of nutrients and receiving the nutritional boost it needs, most of it is being flushed down the toilet and the toxins from these synthetic pills are poisoning the body. And if the body isn’t receiving the natural nutrients it needs, it goes into backup mode, storing fats to keep the body going.  Then the diets start bring more anxiety and fear as many struggle with the excess weight gain, losing the joy of eating as they feel guilty with every mouthful of food.  It doesn’t have to be this way!

A healthier way to rebalance your body’s equilibrium.

Slow down, relax and take time when consuming food. Only ever eat your main meals at the dinner table, slowly chewing, enjoying and feel gratitude for delightful sensations associated with eating. These emotions have the power to relax the body and ensure the nutrients your body desires are absorbed. 
Consume a balanced diet full of fruit and veg’s, less meats, carbs, dairy and fats. It is important though that you keep the diet balanced as we are naturally carnivorous and do require protein & a small amount of fat from the animal life to keep up our physical bodies energy.

Is it really our metabolic makeup that rules susceptibility to weight gain?

All my life I have been blessed with a slender body, and many have always tried to say it is my “metabolic makeup”. I believe it is my emotional happy disposition and energy for life that has kept me this way. I am free with my laughter and happiness and enjoy food to the fullest. I love cooking home cooked meals for my family. Everything is cooked from scratch, sauces, gravies, puddings, cakes & biscuits, even pasta. I’m know the injection of love into our food keeps not only myself but my family slim  along with a belief we are taking care of ourselves with a balanced diet. Naturally active lifestyle is important too, but if activity is restricted due to illness, injury or disability then adjust the quantity of food intake and enjoy.

Suggestions on how to think & feel happier when eating.

My 5 simple rules:

  1.  “Minimum of 3 Veg’s and 2 Fruits Daily.”
  2. “Everything in moderation.”
  3. “Variety is the spice of life.”
  4. “Natural is best”.
  5. And the most important of all “Feel gratitude”

Food Consumption tips:

Home Baking:

Home baking is quick and easy.  Only last night we cooked savoury muffins full of vegies for my children’s lunches and my children made them!  Put together and cooked in 30 minutes.  Popped into the oven after we eaten our evening meal.

Reduce meat intake 

Instead of 2 chicken legs have one, instead of a whole piece of steak, half it. One lamb chop instead of two.  One piece of bacon instead of 2 etc. Have more vegetables and salad.

Grill instead of frying 

Grill instead of frying meat where possible.  If you do fry meat always place it on a paper towel to soak up the fats & oils.  If sauces are required for the dish you are making, clean the fry pan, to remove fats and oils from the pan, before adding the fried meat and other ingredients into the pan.

Natural fats & oils 

Cook with natural butter and oils, do not use margarine.  You may not be aware but margarine is bleached oil, full of toxins.

Sweet Foods

I have always enjoyed sweet food but I rarely buy lollies, fizzy drinks and juices, processed biscuits, cakes, puddings and ice cream are rationed also. Ice-cream is an occasional treat.

Cakes & Biscuits: I will home bake our sweet biscuits and cakes, reducing the sugar intake to what the recipe says and adding fruit into the cakes & biscuits where possible to give a natural sweetening such as sultanas, apples, bananas etc.

Sugar : Instead of processed white sugar, use less processed sugars where possible such as brown and raw sugar.

Honey: A natural sweetener and has medicinal qualities. Use Honey in your tea and coffee instead of sugar. For a sore throat mix honey with lemon juice and warm water.

Palm sugar: is another alternative and less processed product to white sugar.  We make homemade lemonade with Palm sugar, a great healthier alternative.

Substitute Ice-cream: Instead of ice cream we have homemade custard made with corn flour, milk, sugar, vanilla essence and egg. Delightful hot or cold. Rice or Sago Cream is also a delightful accompaniment for fruit for desert.  Fruit salad and honey yogurt with just a drizzle of chocolate topping is another option to tickle the family’s fancy and remaining healthy and well fed.

Special Occasions Only: We love cheesecakes, Pavlova and any Desert or Pudding made with chocolate but all is rationed to special occasions such as Birthdays or Christmas.

Do not use artificial sweeteners, remember “Natural is best”. Even white sugar is better than these artificial sweeteners, just moderate the intake.


Our body needs salt but again, in moderation. Instead of using processed Table Salt, try using cooking salt or ground rock salt. Avoid flavoured salt as most have MSG.  All chips and savoury flavoured biscuits have these flavoured salts and are not good for us.  Ration these as a treat also for special celebrations.


Half white flour and replace with wholemeal flour to increase fibre intake.

Don’t deny yourself of enjoyment

Don’t deny yourself of a treat; it’s OK to have a piece of chocolate or a lolly, but only a piece or 2.  Eat it slowly and savour it and feel gratitude for it but be disciplined and only have the limited amount.

Frozen Food

I don’t buy frozen foods other than foods for cooking preparation such as peas, corn and beans or frozen fruits such as the various berries, I home cook all other vegetables. I’m not a big fish eater (being raised in a country town and sometimes at the family farm, red meat is more natural for me to consume) so I do break the rule and purchased frozen crumbed fish.


Only eat 2 or 3 pieces of bread a day max, I don’t eat bread very much, I try to eat more salads and vegetables when I can.   I also home bake pizza, nothing like a home cooked pizza.  I boil a potato to my pizza base, which makes it light and fluffy.

Don’t eat bread with every meal, everyday. A big No, No.   Especially with the evening meal unless your enjoying a lovely crunchy Italian bread with your meat and salad or lovely homemade Hot Soup on a winters night.

Sauces & Gravies

I love sauces and gravies with my food but I simply eat it in moderation.

Vegetable Sauce: I love to make a vegetable sauce to flavour my vegetables with a little bit of butter, stirring in plain flour and adding the water my veg’s have just been steamed or boiled in.  Add a little non-MSG powder vegetable stock or salt to flavour and it’s a delightful sauce for vegetables and even meats.  The vegetable stock is full of nutrients too, bonus!

Roasts and Meat gravy:  Meat Gravy can be very fatty and not good for you at all.  When roasting meat try cooking the meat earlier in the day and pouring off the gravy to cool.  When it’s cool enough, place in the fridge.  Later in the afternoon when making the dinner, take the stock out and skim of the fat which will have risen to the top and set form the top of the pan.  Meat can be carved and warmed in the oven whilst the other veg’s are being prepared.


Consume all products of dairy in moderation. Milk in particular is proving to be causing food intolerance symptoms for many in the gut and skin issues. My personal belief is it must be in the processing of the milk as natural milk is nothing like what we are limited to buy from the supermarket shelves. The only way you can buy fresh milk in Australia is for the animal consumption.  I remember a friend of mind saying when their friend from India visited and they gave him a cup of tea with milk, he ask where the milk was and why the tea tasted so strange. In India access to fresh milk is readily available as cows are sacred and are literally everywhere, on the streets, at the train stations, in the parks, everywhere but in the buildings.  My first funny memory when visiting India was when I stepped off from a train onto the platform and found myself looking into the face of a cow, Surprise! About the only dairy which I consume regularly is yogurt.   Keep the consumption of cheese and cream very low.

 Liquid Stocks

Meat stock is really easy to make and makes delightful soups and sauces.

Simply boil up the left over bones from your cooked chook, or the leg from your lamb roast or any other bones left over from meals.  Boil them for 2 hours with an onion and 4 or 5 peppercorns.  Strain the bones from the stock and leave to cool before placing in fridge.  Skim of the fat and the stock is ready to make a delightful homemade soup or sauce. Pick the left over meat off the bones to add to the soup.

You can do the same with the vegies you boil for your meals.  Simply strain the water off and use for soups and sauces.

Homemade stock is very good for you.  The goodness from the bones is full of healthy vitamins, minerals and proteins for the body.


Never cook food in the microwave, enzymes are destroyed in the microwave and avoid defrosting in the microwave. We only use our microwave for warming food up.

Lunch for those on the go

Lunch can be a difficult one for working people on the run.  Make extra the night before and simply heat in the oven or even better throw the left of salad and meat in a take out dish and lunch is ready.

Food Deprivation

Don’t deprive yourself of food thinking it will help you lose weight, the body sends out alarm bells and to protect the body it will start accumulating fat to keep it going as it thinks its being starved.

Since your body has been wonderfully designed by our creator to protect you, it will slow down your metabolism to conserve energy so it can keep vital organs such as the brain and the heart going for as long as possible in the face of the perceived threat. While it will burn fat for fuel, it will also start burning lean muscle mass for fuel, which will slow down your metabolism even further. People on starvation diets invariably find that they regain all the weight they’ve lost (and then some) very quickly as soon as they start eating again. Interestingly this lets us know there is a consciousness in the body separate from our mind. Our mind knows its not starving its just decided not to eat, but the body still thinks its starving and go into protection mode anyway.

There is so many contributing factors that can affect the ability for our bodies to function effectively but a well balance diet with reasonable serving sizes are the best way to keep a good healthy diet and maintain a healthy body and a relaxed happy mind.

All in Perfection


Catherine May Smith, Abundance Life Coach 

Catherine has successfully completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Associate Diploma in Accounting, as well as being a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Catherine is an Energy Healer, obtaining Certificates in Reiki & Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy and has also completed an Angel Intuitive Communication Certification with World renowned Author Master and Teacher Doreen Virtue Ph.D.  She has had various articles published  in the Nova Magazine.  







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