I’d like to share a special and different healing I performed last Friday (12 July 2013).  I love animals and didn’t hesitate when a client asked me to perform a healing on her beloved dog that had just had a major operation. This dog is like their child so I felt very honoured.

dogThe client had emailed me and did not offer me any information about this dog or the circumstances surrounding the operation.

The morning I was to perform the healing I had a vision in the shower, as you do .  In this vision I saw a dog lying on a mat; he was wagging his tail.  He was quite a stocky animal and I could see he was quite a big dog.  He seemed dark in colour; a very dark brown and I could see a wound on his tummy.  At the same time I felt anguish for the dog. I could see he wanted to get up and it was going to hurt him if he got excited.  The vision went and I new it was a warning.  Sure enough soon after I received a phone call from the client asking me not to come as they had had a bad night with him and didn’t want him getting too excited.

The next week the client phoned asking me to come to give her beloved dog a healing.  When I went to the home I saw the same mat I saw in the vision. He had a wound on his belly from which he had a tumour removed. He was lighter in colour than I saw in the vision but when the client told me they had found out he had a large tumour removed from his belly and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of sickness in the blood I understood I was seeing the sickness in the colour of his body.  For those who see Aura colours on others bodies, understand dark patches in the body are indications of problems/sickness in the physical form.

The dog was excited to see me and the wound was still unhealed. We calmed him and I placed crystals around the healing area and burned incense over him to cleanse the area.  As I placed my hands over the dog’s body I connected to his mistress.  I told her I was hearing the word “diet” and to start detoxing him.  She told me she had started researching yesterday on how to change his diet. “Come back to the natural” I was told to share with her.  “No more processed food and also give him rain water, our treated water is not good for the animals and his body needs to be cleansed of these impurities.”

“Why wasn’t he sedated” I asked the client and she replied “I felt he should have been but they insisted he should only have the pain killers”.  I shared with her I was being told that the dog needed to be sedated and her instinct was correct.  The angels reminded her of her own knowing’s and to insist the dog be sedated if there was a next time. I was told to share with the client that in the olden days with herbal medicines mankind knew to sedate the animals when they had severe wounds. The wound needs time to mend and it was important to stop the animals from moving for a day or so otherwise they would tear the wound apart. This would help speed up the recovery of wounds. The angels also pointed out the animal can cope without as much food for a day or so during this recovery time as the body is stationary and not using as much energy.

The dog then started to speak with me. He told me understood he was sick and I felt peace within him for he new his loving master and mistress were doing all they can for him. He told me about his favourite toy by giving me a vision. I could see something that looked like a bone but I new it was plastic. I described this to the mistress and she smiled and said “Yes that’s his favourite toy, its a plastic toy that sort of looks like a bone, its orange and black like a basketball and its shaped like a bone with to small balls that look like miniature basket balls with a joining in between to make it look like a bone. “He plays thrown and catch with it, doesn’t he?” I asked. “Yes he loves to catch it in the air and chase it too” she smiled. I shared the dog was frustrated he couldn’t play as much.  I felt the mistresses distress and reassured her that miracles happen and to have faith and to be at peace with the circle of life.

Interestingly as the dog communicated with me he was growling and for any one else they would have thought he was an unfriendly animal but I had no concern or fear of him for I new that is how he speaks.

Archangel GabrielThe heat in my hands intensified and the dog flinched once or twice until he became use to the energy surges. I visualised the blood in his body being cleansed and the wound mending. Arch Angel Gabriel came forward and worked through me to bring the healing and comfort to this beautiful animal.  I felt very blessed and looked into his eyes reassuring him, he told me he felt great love from his master and mistress and was happy with them. I shared this with his mistress who was very emotional but happy she had witnessed and heard the beautiful messages.

I too felt very grateful to experience this connection and blessed to communicate with this loving animal that was so natural and easy to do. Our animals are so loving and freely give so much unconditional love to us.  I can only express we all have this gift to communicate with our animals, so why can I do it? Because I believe it is possible.

 Today I receive a wonderful email from this beautiful animals owner

“I just wanted to share the ‘GOOD NEWS’ with you… Lucky is clear of cancer! Thank you so much Catherine for the healing/energy that you did on him, your energy and our prayers pulled him through!!!”

Thank you to my beautiful angels and ArchAngel Gabriel in continuing to provide confirmations you are all there for all of us, its simply for us to ask.

 All in perfection the dog’s name is “Lucky”.

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Catherine May Smith, Abundance Life Coach 

Catherine has successfully completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Associate Diploma in Accounting, as well as being a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Catherine is an Energy Healer, obtaining Certificates in Reiki & Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy and has also completed an Angel Intuitive Communication Certification with World renowned Author Master and Teacher Doreen Virtue Ph.D.  She has had various articles published  in the Nova Magazine.  


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