Dreams and past Souls

Over the years I have experienced very vivid dreams but not all have been happy, some can be quite disturbing. Last month in my dream state, I found myself standing outside the back of a newly built home. The glass "Read More"

“Flit”, our little Miracle

“Flit”, our little Miracle One day early November 2015, my daughter was in our backyard when I heard her shouting for me. I ran outside to see her standing over a tiny bird that couldn’t fly. It was desperately trying to run away, fluttering and "Read More"

Animal Healing with Archangel Gabriel

Animal Healing with Archangel Gabriel I’d like to share a special and different healing I performed last Friday (12 July 2013).  I love animals and didn’t hesitate when a client asked me to perform a healing on her beloved dog that had just had a "Read More"

Golden Energy Healing

Golden Energy Healing For the past couple of months the Golden Energy I speak of and channel during healing’s has been, “in my words”, pulsating more frequently. I am feeling the energy more often now and it’s intensifying in strength.  There are all "Read More"

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