Its Ok not to fight

From a very early age we are given the message “Fight for what you want”, “You want it, fight for it”.  This competitive attitude and aggressive culture of “Take no prisoners” & “Never give up” in our schooling, sporting and "Read More"

Dreams and past Souls

Over the years I have experienced very vivid dreams but not all have been happy, some can be quite disturbing. Last month in my dream state, I found myself standing outside the back of a newly built home. The glass "Read More"

Is there a God?

Is there a God? When a Facebook viewer commented on one of my posts”There is no God”, I could feel the pain in his heart and his sense of isolation and disappointments, so I messaged him the following response. I trust you will also "Read More"

Opening to 2013 – Message from Master Kuthumi of the White Brotherhood

The follow message from Master Kuthumi of the White Brotherhood has been received by my dear mentor and friend Lynette from Kuthumi School.  Read carefully and take heed of his messages which are so important in this time of change "Read More"

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