Diamond Heart Meditation

 Meditations recorded live and send healing energy to all those who wish to  receive healing.

 Opening your Heart Chakra to the Diamond Light of Love…

Take your soul on a journey, a lovely journey of peace and tranquillity, relaxing your mind and body before entering a magical garden.  This magical garden is full of flowers glowing with amazing coloured lights that swirl around and through your body, healing your emotional, mental, physical and etheric bodies.  As you basked in the coloured lights the Soul Abundance Dove comes forward to guide you to a special place of healing.   As you rest peacefully in this special place your angel guides come forward to open your heart chakra. As the pink light from your heart chakra opens it shines out into the universe connecting you to the universal light of love.  Energy flows through your body as your receive this healing white light into your heart and your diamond light shines opening your heart to love and freedom. 

  • You may wish to place a rose quartz crystal upon your heart each time you listen to this meditation.