white candel with lights background.

White Candle Meditation

 Meditations recorded live and send healing energy to all those who wish to receive healing.

A peaceful meditation expanding your consciousness…

Relaxing your body as the universal light of love surrounds you.  Breathing deeply, feeling more and more peaceful as your mind drifts away to the realms of light.  You see before you a pathway leading into a forest full of colourful flowers and magnificent trees, spreading their branches to form an archway for you to walk under.  Birds sing overhead and small animals show themselves to you, they have no fear for you in this angelic realm, there is only love. You see a clearing in the forest and make your way to a cave embedded in the hillside. You look into the cave and see the cave is full of bright coloured lights.  As you enter you see crystals are embedded in the walls of the cave radiating the colours of the spectrum. You become immersed in the lights and are filled with many loving emotions.  Your eyes adjust to the bright lights and you see an altar were a small white candle burns. As you look into the candlelight you will become aware it is expanding and growing, the cabin represents the beauty of your own heart center and the flame of the candle is the spark of the Divinity.  As your consciousness expands you receive healing into your heart and send healing to the world around you. Your angel guides come forward to spend time with you, sending you loving thoughts and messages bringing peace and tranquility into your being.  Blessings.

16 minutes

Spoken by Catherine May Smith, Soul Abundance