Golden Seat

Negative Emotional Energy Release and creation of your hearts desire…

A magical journey of relaxation and peace as we take the time to relax your mind and body before calling upon the universal light of love for protection before entering the heavenly angelic realms. You will climb a magical golden rope to the higher dimensions entering Silver gates surrounded by the Blue Light of Arch Angel Michael.  Walking along a crystal pathway that radiates healing lights until you see your Golden Chair for you to rest in. The Golden Chair is a powerful healing chair. Your angel guides come forward to assist you as you agree to let go of your past, releasing and healing.  As this process is completed you are re-energised with positive loving happy emotions.  Your vibrational energy rises and you are invited to manifest your future, to dream of your hearts desire and as you dream allow it to becomes your reality.

Message from the Golden Chair “You are a beautiful loving soul, may you live in the light of love”.

24 minutes

Spoken by Catherine May Smith, Soul Abundance