Meditation with Kuan Yin in the Magical Cherry Blossom Garden

 Meditations recorded in front of an audience and send healing energy to all those who wish to receive healing.

Received Healing and Guidance from the Divinity…

Relax your mind and body as the universal white light of love surrounds and protects you. During this gentle meditation you will guided to visualise an bright light grow before you, this is a porthole to the angelic realms.  You will walk through this porthole into an amazing land and into a glorious cherry blossom garden where a beautiful lady awaits you.  She is the Master Kuan Yin, the beloved Eastern Princess and the Chinese goddess of Mercy.   White Doves of peace fly with you as Kuan Yin guides you to a magnificent sacred temple where you will feel yourself merge with her benevolent energy, feeling true peace and unconditional love in your heart.  You will have the opportunity to communicate with her and receive her wisdom.  Be empowered by her amazing energy and I encourage you to be free and trusting enough to hear her message. Kuan Yin is here is help those that wish to raise their spiritual enlightenment and other gifts. She brings compassion, beauty and empowerment and encourages all to practice kindness, gentleness, and sweetness, towards self and others. She is an angel of mercy who brings protection, especially for women and children.

  • Before commencing this meditation you may wish to hold a red or pink flower.

28 minutes

Spoken by Catherine May Smith, Soul Abundance