Sacred Dolphin Meditation

Meditations recorded in front of an audience and send healing energy to all those who wish to receive healing.

A perfect meditation for those who love water or are zodiac water signs…

A calming, tranquil guided meditation as you find yourself on a white sandy beach looking over a blue green ocean, rich in colours. You walk into the crystal clear water where your Dolphin guide awaits to take you to a special island. You have fun with him as you ride on his back across the ocean, feeling free and alive. You are joined by other dolphins, playing and communicating with each other until you find you merge with their harmonious energies.   You reach the island and as you walk into the forest you reach a clearing and see before you a sacred place where ancients stones create a circle..  You rest in this sacred place and connect your loving energy to the vast water ways of the earth and send prayers of healing to our mother earth.  You are joined by beautiful angel guides who bring great love and healing to you, cleansing your etheric field and sending you divine guidance and healing.  You are left feeling completely at peace, energised, accepting and in harmony with your world.

A calming meditation,  not only for adults but for teenagers and young children.

20 minutes

Spoken by Catherine May Smith, Soul Abundance