Dream state

Dream state

Over the years I have experienced very vivid dreams but not all have been happy, some can be quite disturbing.

Last month in my dream state, I found myself standing outside the back of a newly built home. The glass sliding patio door was open and I could see light blue coloured plastic on the floor covering the door opening and the inside of the room. As I walked towards the door opening I realised there was water covering the floor and dripping from the ceiling. I ran inside yelling out to the building workers(I don’t recall what I was saying but I could feel the shock). I ran into another room, which I felt was the main bedroom and could see where the plaster on the walls had become so water logged the insulation had collapsed through the walls. I was in a terrible state, I was yelling and my heart was racing madly. I ran down the Hallway but I was becoming out of breath. I found I couldn’t speak anymore as I struggled to breathe, I collapsed and all went dark. In that moment I was shocked out of the dream knowing I had just passed over from a heart attack.

As I woke in a state of shock and confused, I initially thought I had seen my own death (I also have premonitions). It took me a little time as I recalled the dream to realise I had been visited by a man’s spirit. I was grateful I was spared the physical pain of his passing.

Over the next days I questioned “why am I experiencing these types of dreams?”

Some of you, like me, have similar experiences and I’d like to help you to understand why and how to prevent them.

The first is there is not necessarily a “why me”, why am I having these spirit contacts of a negative nature?  Sometimes it’s a case of opportunity. Your capacity to connect to the spirit world is known by those who are passed over and still energetically bound to the earth. This spirit in my dream was still overcoming the shock of his passing and reliving his last moments in a replayed loop, sharing with any other energy he could connect with. So I may not have been the only medium that experienced that same dream in the past weeks as he moved through his process before passing over to the light.

In the week after I had this dream, I had become very energy-less, I found during the days I was feeling quite exhausted. I initially put it down to other activities and experiences on the earth plane I was having until I realised the spirits energy was still impacting on me.  Not “haunting” me, more like a energetic imprint was around me.

This was easily overcome by going into a meditative state, reconnecting to the past soul and calling upon Arch Angel Michael to move his spirit into the light.

arch-angel-michaelTo avoid these heavy experiences its important we are disciplined in asking for protection every night and call upon Arch Angel Michael and any other Master, Angel Guide or Spirit Guide (past loved one) to watch over you and take you to a place of peace, love and healing during your dream state.

So not only is it important to call upon the light to protect us during the day, to ensure our vibrational energy isn’t compromised and lowered se we feel negative feelings and think negative thoughts, if we wish to avoid these connections, we must be disciplined in requesting the same protection at night.

 The upside to this story is I was able to helped this lost soul move into the heavenly light. If I had kept my protection shields up he wouldn’t have made the connection and received the help he needed.

So my story is short and I have so many more experiences I could share but the most important message I have for you all is don’t discount your feelings of low energy and exhaustion to overdoing things, anxiety and stress.

We are light beings living on this 3rd dimensional earth plane and it is important we call upon our fellow light beings from the higher vibrational dimensions to assist us in maintaining our vibrational energy at a higher level with their shield of light and love.

Finally, its important to understand although our destiny is in our hands through the thoughts and emotions we carry, we also have fate. Fate is that part of our life that has been preordained, those synchronistic moments in time that has already been contracted to you.  We are here to experience and are being tested.

And what is the test?  Do you choose to move through with love and understanding or do you choose to move through with fear and judgement?

All in Perfection.

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Catherine May Smith, Abundance Life Coach

Catherine May Smith Abundance Life Coach www.soulabundance.com

Catherine May Smith
Abundance Life Coach

Catherine has successfully completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Associate Diploma in Accounting, as well as being a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Catherine is an Energy Healer, obtaining Certificates in Reiki & Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy and has also completed an Angel Intuitive Communication Certification with World renowned Author Master and Teacher Doreen Virtue Ph.D.  She has had various articles published in the Nova Magazine.  


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