From a very early age we are given the message “Fight for what you want”, “You want it, fight for it”.  This competitive attitude and aggressive culture of “Take no prisoners” & “Never give up” in our schooling, sporting and eventually the working environment is prevalent and damaging to our children’s emotional and mental wellbeing.

Through my spiritual guidance I learnt a better belief system, “If its meant to be it will come easily and freely”. But with that came a realisation there remains those who still “fight for what they want” and will hurt, manipulate, take and discredit those who are a threat and stand in the way of what they “want”. They have no care or thought for how they harm others in this low vibrational behaviour. They have a conscience, but they ignore it.

As another door closes for me in the outer world due to this form of destructive behaviour towards me, I walk away conscious free, knowing that I had acted with integrity and honesty and the inappropriate behaviour others imposed upon me came from their limitations and fears.

But I did question “had I given up too easily” and my angels immediately said “its OK not to fight” and I realised all through my life I had needed to fight back & defend myself against those who mistreated, oppressed, dominated, humiliated, bullied and behaved cruelly towards me. They shared with me that lifetimes of emotional triggers exist within us all but we have the power to change them. We can change our reactions by changing our minds with new belief systems formed from higher vibrational energy, “love”.

What is winning without love?

I understand that many believe they are a failure if they don’t win.

So I question “win what? What are you winning? Is it money, power, popularity, recognition, attention, self-indulgence. What are these if they are won without love and good intention? Without sharing and caring for others, only destruction, chaos, emotional, mental & physical sickness comes from anything gained through thoughtlessness and harm towards other souls.

As a healer it saddens me that I cannot heal everyone I come in contact with.  But each soul has a choice, even the angels will only help when summoned. Each of us has the  choice to turn to the light and heal or to the darkness and suffer.

You are not born on this earth to suffer at the hands of others.

I was reminded these individuals will always exist in this world they have their own journey and we have ours. Its not for us to fight, its for us to nurture, love and do what is for the highest good for ourselves and those around us. If that means give no fuel to those that want to fight, so be it.

There is purpose in every action, in every moment, so understand we are sometimes destined to be in others lives only for a short time so we may reveal the darkness, to raise others awareness and to give them the opportunity through these chaotic & dark experiences to make changes for the better.

Lets be clear, “you are not born on this earth to suffer at the hands of others”.  So if you are finding yourself in a toxic environment which is becoming too stressful and harming your wellbeing, wether it be in the work place, friendship, intimate or family relationships, Its ok not to fight. Give yourself permission let go with love and walk away.  Trust you will be taken care of.

Take the Time to Heal

Ensure though you take the time to heal from these heavy experiences. Send light and love to those you leave. Hold no anger or vengeful thoughts towards them. Ask the angels to cut all negative energetic cords and be at peace with your decisions and actions that you have taken to care and look after yourself in truth and love.

Love has no fight

When an environment is healthy, it’s harmonious. There’s continual consideration and understanding for others.   There’s selfless acts and unity.  There is a

Open your Heart

natural desire to help others and to do what feels best for them. There are no weak links for all are supported and nurtured. There’s laughter and fun, warmth and respect. There’s plenty of time to achieve and be there for others.  And this combined unit’s focus and drive works towards goals that are for highest good for all. In turn they receive abundant rewards for their loving actions with much gratitude.

Do I describe something untouchable; something that doesn’t exist on this Earth plane. It exists everywhere, its felt by many families, communities, organisations, and work environments.   To be a part of this we must heal and change our belief systems. Stop the fight, let go. Be prepared to share and help others. Open your heart and feel happiness, peace and love.

Blessed be to those who listen to the loving guidance of their Angel Guides and trust they will be taken care of.

All in Perfection.



Catherine May Smith
Abundance Life Coach

Catherine May Smith, Abundance Life Coach

Catherine has successfully completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Associate Diploma in Accounting, as well as being a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Catherine is an Energy Healer, obtaining Certificates in Reiki & Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy and has also completed an Angel Intuitive Communication Certification with World renowned Author Master and Teacher Doreen Virtue Ph.D.  She has had various articles published in the Nova Magazine.

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