“If you find something in your life isn’t working, perhaps its time to change direction.”

When I found I had fallen into a work place full of corruption and misconduct I questioned and asked why is this happening to me and I kept hearing the word ‘Karma’.

I knew I needed to leave this workplace but I kept hearing “Wait, more will be revealed”.  So I hung on, doing my best.  Overtime, this workplace slowly drained my life force from my being as the dark energy overcame me. One night, after a particularly difficult day,  I called out “what am I to do?”  Again I heard “Wait, all will be revealed and you will be released”.
So I continued on and the darkness was deafening, confusing my mind, draining my energy, I felt like my soul light was ebbing away, my health started to decline. But my Angel Guides & Master never left me, pushing me to help the clients who were being cheated and mislead by these people.
Voice of an AngelWhen my angel guides couldn’t get through to me during the day they would send me dreams. Showing me what would come, preparing me for the traumatic events and helping me to understand the darkness that surround me in this place of work was nothing to do with me. I realised my purpose was to unveil the corruption and stop the darkness.
The negative energy and ego this workplace was swamped with had nothing to do with “like attracts like” or the “law of attraction”, it was a major Karmic event being settled in this lifetime between past soul lives.
The full story is to long to share now, I could write a chapter on my last 6 months, but what I want to share with you is if you are of good heart and intentions then never think you have deserved any destructive & dark events that have come your way.

Karma is a powerful force and I knew I had experienced these events to close old doors & cycles, change my course, empowering me voice and actions in the name of justice and healing me from past events.
The knowings I received and understandings that have come from these events have cleared old hurts and painful memories. I am so grateful for the angels for keeping me safe and helping me move through these events by helping me to cut energetic cords, releasing the negative energy attached to me and helping me to find clarity, make new decisions and open new doors.
And so when ever you find yourself in conflict with others and events, always look within and check your believes & feelings. If you are empowered, acting with good intention for the good of yourself and others, then the events are nothing to do with you, its Karmic. Many speak of life lessons. I do not believe this is a truth. I do not believe we are being taught lessons by the All powerful, God or whatever you wish to call the Omnipresence. We are all one with the omnipresence and our souls already know the truth. I believe events are being placed before us to test us, to see if we can remain in the light, remaining connected to our soul love when darkness surrounds us.

All in Perfection


Catherine May Smith, Abundance Life Coach 

Catherine has successfully completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Associate Diploma in Accounting, as well as being a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Catherine is an Energy Healer, obtaining Certificates in Reiki & Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy and has also completed an Angel Intuitive Communication Certification with World renowned Author Master and Teacher Doreen Virtue Ph.D.  She has had various articles published  in the Nova Magazine.  



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