Catherine May Smith DipFP Abundance Life Coach

Catherine May Smith DipFP
Abundance Life Coach

I was a Financial Planner for many years and my own business dealings and stories shared by clients confirmed there are sadly many in the business world that do not do business with good intention.

When online purchasing of consumables became available I had an overwhelming bad feeling.  I listened and made a conscious decision years ago I would not purchase goods online.

Today I saw an ad on my Facebook for a ladies clothing company, Rosewholesale and out of curiosity thought I’d check out what all the fuss is about buying dresses online.

The very first thing that struck me was the price range of the dresses is $7.00 to $16.00. Gorgeous pictures of dresses at that price, “To good to be true!!”

Then I checked out a dress I liked. The size … it only has one size and… It didn’t say what the size was! It then said in the bust measurements: 78 – 104cm and then a warning that the measurements are manual. I mean for me, alarm bells where going off all over the place. 
 So I googled and the reviews were absolutely scathing and confirms my belief.

On the website Rose Wholesale is reportedly based in China and I say reportedly because “they could be anywhere!”

As I read the reviews, customers reported not receiving the goods or there’s something wrong with them if they did. And no surprises here, “its not what they saw in the picture!”

If they tried for refunds, they never got their money back.  This was obviously a very distressing and frustrating situation to be in.

Rose Wholesale is targeting Australians via Facebook advertising, because we now have the international reputation we have too much money and not enough monetary sense.    I remember having a discussion with a highly intelligent gentlemen who was a professional in the financial industry.  He complained about a bad online purchase experience but pushed the incident aside stating “Oh well it was cheap so I didn’t lose much”.   The emotional energy and belief system attached to this statement felt very low, I could feel his embarrassment and shame.

When we expand this and see the bigger picture, you realise this is the group consciousness for many Australians now.  Can you imagine the millions being literally thrown away through fraud or poor quality products and at the same time giving our personal power away to others who trade with ill intention.  I wonder what greater use this money could be used for.

Is it only safe for you to purchase from Australian Businesses?

It is important you know, if you are Australian, it is only safe to purchase goods within Australia.  If you purchase from International Companies you have no consumer protection with no ability to seek government assistant and are highly likely supporting black-market slave labour.

So take the time to protect yourself.  Before buying goods online take the following steps:

  1. Ask yourself “Am I using a trusted websites?”  Listen to your intuition; you will get a feeling straight away.  Listen to that feeling of unease, if its there.
  2. To establish if it is a trusted website,  check to see where the company is based, is it Australian or overseas?
  3. If there is no information about the business on the website then that’s a sure fire red flag right there. Don’t purchase from a site unless it has full disclosure of the business and where it is based.
  4. Once you establish it is Australian, always check on the ASIC website to make sure the business is registered and legit.

I emphasise again, by using overseas website’s, you could be giving your money away to scammers and you will have no government protection to help you get your money back!!

Ask yourself the question “Have I done my due diligence and confirmed I have protection before I click the purchase button”.

The other important aspects of this is- if you are buying online from overseas you are contributing to the decline and loss of small businesses in our community, the backbone of our economy and lifestyle. The Australian taxes you pay funds the government department, Australia Consumer Protection, your protector.

You have the power, choose not to throw your hard earned money away on a whim.

All in Perfection

Catherine May Smith Soul Abundance CoachAuthor

Catherine May Smith, Abundance Life Coach

Catherine has successfully completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Associate Diploma in Accounting, as well as being a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Catherine is an Energy Healer, obtaining Certificates in Reiki & Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy and has also completed an Angel Intuitive Communication Certification with World renowned Author Master and Teacher Doreen Virtue Ph.D.  She has had various articles published  in the Nova Magazine.




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