Anita Moorjani’s Amazing Story…

This story, shared by Anita Moorjani, is so wonderful and inspiring, and consolidates my awareness & knowing regarding life purpose.  In 2006, Anita’s body was riddled with cancer and the doctors thought she had 36 hours to live; she went into a coma and past over into the afterlife.  Her body was still functioning, so neither the hospital staff nor her family had any idea that her soul had passed over.  She has complete memory of her time in the afterlife and describes it in a YouTube interview below.

I have summarised her story below. Blessings, Catherine May Smith…

During Anita’s time in the afterlife she had many revelations and understandings.  The most powerful understanding was to “truly love and be accepting of herself for who she was.” The sensation she felt in the afterlife, which she remembered so clearly when she came out of the coma, was this amazing euphoria of unconditional love.  She was given the choice to stay or return; even with this choice there was no right or wrong.  After coming out of the coma, her body was still riddled with tumors.  However the tumors started to reduce in size within four days as she continued her euphoric experience of loving emotions. The healing journey experienced by all her bodies – mind, emotional, physical & etheric – was a miraculous journey.

During her time in the afterlife, she was given an understanding regarding her soul connection with her husband.  Their connection was so great and their Soul Purposes so interwoven, if she had chosen to stay in the afterlife she knew he would have passed over soon afterwards.

She also received understandings of time, the past and future, and how limited our perceptions on the earth plane are of these.  It is so out of our world, it is difficult to put into words what she now knows.

Her ultimate understanding was the realization that the cancer was an illness of the mind and emotional body; the physical body was merely a reflection.  How she had allowed the dramas of life to overcome and lower her own energy fields had ultimately manifested into her physical body.

She became more understanding of energy and how to sense the energy you feel when you are constantly making decisions. Does it drain you or do you feel up beat and/or excited?  What messages are being sent to you?  Stop and listen. They can be felt in your various bodies.  Open your awareness to yourself and trust your own instincts.

Our perception of food is also afflicted with so many feelings of fear.  Anita understands now that the fear we feel when eating our food is what impacts on us.  Get in touch with how you feel when you eat and source the feelings of guilt and confusion, and release them.  Feel gratitude and appreciation whenever you are consuming food, no matter what it is, and if you do not feel this then know you have a choice for your highest good to simply change your mind.

Anita says “If you’re not feeling good about yourself, start doing things for yourself that you have always wanted to do, whatever the reason.  You may have stopped in the past because you felt you didn’t deserve or that other things were more of a priority.  Start putting a priority on yourself”.

And how do you know if it’s for you?  Just be conscious of the changes in your energy.  If it feels uplifting, then you know it’s for you to do. If your energy is lowering, find the source of this draining energy.  It can be the old beliefs generating guilt or other lowering emotional energies.

Anita appeals to us all to stop seeing what we do for ourselves as selfish, unless it is harmful to others.  When you’re not taking care of yourself, you become needy and draining upon others.  If all your needs are met then you are fulfilled and able to love and care for yourself and others freely.

She is also disturbed by too much focus being placed upon these life-threatening illnesses, for the fear it instills is increasing the manifestation.  Instead of looking for wellness, this form of brain washing being projected by the media is creating a need to seek out illness.   The media is placing too much emphasis on these sicknesses.  Too much!  Block any information regarding illness and you release any fear of manifesting it.

Anita was inspired to write about her experiences so she could share with others and, in turn, inspire others.  She started gathering her postings on the Near Death Experience website forum, and wrote her book within in six months.  “Dying To Be Me” is being released in 2012.  Wayne Dwyer has been a major support for her on this next phase of her life journey.

A Message From Anita Moorjani

My message to anyone dealing with physical illness is: Love yourself unconditionally! Regardless of what illness you have, or treatments you choose, whether natural, holistic, or conventional, the most important thing is to choose to treat your condition from love, rather than fear! Always see yourself as whole and well, and watch your emotions, and always make choices based on your love for your life and health, rather than to react from fear! Choose actions that lovingly move you towards wholeness and health, rather than actions taken out of fear to move you away from Love”.

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Catherine May Smith Soul Abundance CoachAll of these understandings I have been receiving and sharing in my sessions with clients.  Many of us are receiving these same messages from the One Consciousness so we may share this information with mankind.  As we change our beliefs and behaviors we will raise our vibrational energy, so peace may come to the earth plain once more.   I’ll definitely be adding this wonderful book to the Soul Abundance Library for many to share once it is released.  My own deceased father came to me recently after I started to become fearful for my future.  He reassured me with his comforting energy and gave a simple message “Trust and stay in the light”.  Catherine May Smith, Soul Abundance Life Coach.

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