Dreaming Premonitions

Are you seeing your future in your dreams but not realising it? As my vibrational energy is changing I am experiencing some pretty amazing phenomenas. One of these is dreaming premonitions. I am finding I am remembering dreams which are "Read More"

Are you ready to learn what your Soul Purpose is?

Are you ready to learn what your Soul Purpose is? By helping others you help yourself. Many have come to me questioning their soul purpose.   What’s my life purpose? What am I here to do?  Why do I feel like something is missing?  These are all very  important questions.  Its "Read More"

Love heals our Children

Love heals our Children “Start Meditating, Stop Medicating” I was appalled to hear a news announcement on the Australian Television during November 2011, stating “The National Health and Medical Research Council is considering controversial draft guidelines that could refer parents who fail to medicate "Read More"

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