“Flit”, our little Miracle

“Flit”, our little Miracle One day early November 2015, my daughter was in our backyard when I heard her shouting for me. I ran outside to see her standing over a tiny bird that couldn’t fly. It was desperately trying to run away, fluttering and "Read More"

A Magical Embrace

I truly trust you enjoy my fictional short story (or is it)as I share a moment of magic, healing and hope… Opening the car door and stepping out, she hooked her foot on the side edge of the car floor, stumbling. A "Read More"

Animal Healing with Archangel Gabriel

Animal Healing with Archangel Gabriel I’d like to share a special and different healing I performed last Friday (12 July 2013).  I love animals and didn’t hesitate when a client asked me to perform a healing on her beloved dog that had just had a "Read More"

Are you giving away your Soul Light?

Are you giving away your Soul Light? When one of my clients asked the following question I new the answer I wrote was very relevant to many at this time and so I share… Client: “Catherine, I have a little issue. I currently having my Mum staying "Read More"

Love & Protect all Life

Love & Protect all Life As Australians shed a tear today on receiving the news that the innocent life of a young lady missing this past week, has been cruelly taken, I asked the divinity “What is the purpose of this? Why does this suffering "Read More"

Opening to 2013 – Message from Master Kuthumi of the White Brotherhood

The follow message from Master Kuthumi of the White Brotherhood has been received by my dear mentor and friend Lynette from Kuthumi School.  Read carefully and take heed of his messages which are so important in this time of change "Read More"

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