“Movement from Ambition to Meaning”

In memory of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, earth angel, spiritual teacher and authorWayne Dyer the_shift

Prior to Wayne’s passing he filmed a wonderful movie called the “The Shift”. In this movie we follow the lives of 2 married couples, one couple has no children, the husband is a business tycoon focused on the next dollar, the wife sad and alone. The other couple have 2 children.  A loving couple but the wife has lost herself in the needs of her family.

Wayne is also in the movie as himself, working with a TV crew who film him sharing many loving insights and spiritual guidance.

We watch as the married couples and members of the TV crew experience profound life changing moments.

The beauty of these moments show us all that simple moments of chance; the right word or display of kindness, can change lives in the most glorious ways.

As I watched the movie I took the opportunity to record some of the wonderful words of wisdom and understandings Wayne shares and have summarised below.
Enjoy! Angel Blessings,
Catherine May Smith

“Real purpose of life is to be happy.”

One way to find purpose is to return to nature.

“Let go and allow.”
We are taught we cannot trust who we are.

The ego (fearful state) starts to tell us who we are by what we have, our possessions.

1st aspect of ego –
We take on beliefs, “The more we have the more valuable I am as a person”.

2nd aspect of ego –
“I am not only what I have; I am what I do”. I see that my success, my value, my worth is what I do.

3rd aspect of ego.
“I am what other people think I am”

Women are taught the only way you can fulfil yourself is how you relate to your family. But they have an internal calling they ignore.

“ Everything that is missing is within you, is connected in spirit.”
The ego has a strong “I am separate; separate from others separate from God”. Ego disconnects us from source. Source, which is part of us, where we came from.

Wayne asks this profound question “Do you feel inspired, do you live an inspired life?”

How do you know when you are making a choice from higher self? Your emotions are your indicator. If you’re anxious, angry, stressed, your making choice from ego, fearful self.

Dharma (the essential principle of the cosmos; natural law) is not something you will find; it’s your divine, you conscience, your purpose. Your aligned with your Dharma, it’s always been with you.

“Your ego is controlled by attachments; when you release, let go, you shift”

It’s a shift away from external reasons, back to a higher place.

When everyone else is asleep, all is quiet; it’s the closest I feel to source.

Wayne asked another question for you to ponder, what is success?
Wayne identifies true success as – to achieve with out ego, to create from a place connected to source.

The points in your life where your at your lowest, are often times needed to propel us to a higher place.

In this movie Wayne describes a profound experience in his life, 20 years ago at exactly 4.05 one morning. That moment changed is life forever, he stopped drinking.

“Letting go and letting God”
Surrender to the divine and allow your life to unfold in a state of joy and peace.

“Our ego interferes”
Wayne tells a story of a man on his death bed who had lived a controversial life with conflict and disharmony. On his death bed before he passed he said to his wife whom he had not loved well “What if my life had been all wrong?”

“When you die you move back to source, to perfect love. But you can be with source when you’re alive.

There is a divine organising intelligence that will organise and support you with synchronicity, if you will let go and allow.

Trust in yourself and you trust in the very wisdom that created you.

Wayne explains comprehensive research was completed on many whose lives had experienced “The shift”. The studies uncovered some very interesting surprises.
They found The Shift for men and women was very different.

Prior to the shift, it was found the top priorities for men where:
1. Wealth- accumulation of money.
2. Adventure – to be manly and strong.
3. Achievement – your what you do.
4. Pleasure – out with the mates & the ladies.
5. Respected – expectation as the dominant male.

After men had experienced the shift to a higher state, their top priorities where very profoundly different:
1. Spirituality – live in a state of love and humility
2. Personal peace – stress free and at peace
3. Family – raised awareness of this gift of love
4. Gods Will – sense of purpose
5. Honesty – to be honest with themselves and acknowledge their emotions and actions.


Prior to the shift:
1. Family
2. Sense of Independence
3. Career
4. Fitting in
5. Attractiveness

After the shift –
1. Own personal growth
2. Self esteem, values
3. Spirituality
4. Happiness
5. Forgiveness

For women “The shift” was very different from men. Women started to give themselves permission to include themselves as they nurture and care. They stopped focusing on what others thought, what others wanted or being controlled. They focused on healing the past and attaining personal empowerment.

Divine Healing
During the movie Wayne speaks of a profound healing he receives from St Francis. The story is wonderful and I love how he explains, “why he was chosen”, for this was a question he was asked many times over the years.
He finishes his glorious story of divine intervention with the statement –
“The best way to have divine doors open is to reach out and help others.”

“You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are”
How can you ignore what’s right in front of you? Because you’re doing other things.

“When you’re not attached, its easy to trust everything will happen in perfection.”

“Leave ego behind and move from sense of entitlement to sense of humility.”
Shift thoughts from what can I get to how can I serve.

As we move into meaning its not that you have no ambition, “you have Ambition with Meaning”.

“The Ego is the false self; the authentic self is way beyond the ego.”

And I love this last quote from Dr. Wayne W Dyer –

The Sun never says to the earth – “You owe me!”

I encourage you all to watch Wayne’s Dyer’s movie “The Shift”.

Catherine May Smith, Abundance Life Coach 

Catherine has successfully completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Associate Diploma in Accounting, as well as being a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Catherine is an Energy Healer, obtaining Certificates in Reiki & Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy and has also completed an Angel Intuitive Communication Certification with World renowned Author Master and Teacher Doreen Virtue Ph.D.  She has had various articles published  in the Nova Magazine.


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