“We can make excuses for being untruthful but when all is said and done it’s still only an excuse”.

Many years ago, when I first started on my journey as a Healer and Life Coach, I travelled to India to not only experience India’s way of life but to complete a Pranic Healing course. I never forgot the following poignant comment the teacher said to me “It is Ok sometimes to tell a white lie”. I was thrown by his comment as it went against my own principles and values and I reflected on this for sometime before I received a important download… but I will share this with you later.

So is this a White Lie or is it being Dishonest?

You may be already reflecting back and remembering the time someone asked you how you were? You replied “Well thank you”, but you in fact had a headache or sore ankle or felt sick with anxiety. Or you may have said, “Having a great day”, but in fact someone had just said something that really hurt or you found a dent in your car at the local shopping car park.

So why not say the truth?  You may have not felt like talking about it, or felt too upset, or didn’t know the person well enough to share, or felt they wouldn’t care, or knew that person may repeat your personal business with others, so you avoided sharing the truth.

And of course there are far deeper truths that are not shared for fear of judgement, blame, criticism, shame, regret, guilt, rejection etc.

So perhap’s the drive behind telling that little white lie is to protect oneself or protect others.

So I wonder then if its discernment that lets us know when it’s safe and OK to share our truths and when it’s best to keep them close within.

But if we are being discerning by choosing not to speak our truth are we being dishonest? And are we actually in our truth.  The important question is “What is your truth?”

When we move past the verbal communication and step into our higher intuitive knowing’s or energetic connections, then this is where the internal conflict is felt for even though you replied “Yes well thank you”, energetically the other soul is already picking up something is not right, they can feel it.

So then consider the person working with a company they know is blatantly functioning without integrity and ethical procedures. They are desperately unhappy in this role but everyone else who works for this company stays and so they rationalise their choice to stay with their need for money. So when someone asks them “how are you enjoying your job?” and they reply “Loving it, its so great, people are great and I feel so good about what I do?”, how would the two people conversing be feeling energetically about that brief conversation?   It would feel False and deflating even though on the surface its all smiles.

It’s important to understand the white lies are a defence mechanism, simply a way of not facing the truth. It’s showing the unhappy person they are not respecting themselves or treating themselves with loving honesty. It they remain in a place where they are being forced to be dishonest with themselves and others, their internal belief systems are in conflict and they sabotage themselves with negative thoughts, actions and behaviours which leads to emotional, mental and physical sickness.

When you realise you have inadvertently been compelled or felt force to tell that white lie, what are you not facing? What are you in denial of? What part of the outside world are you fearful of?

These are your warnings signs, your way of working out what changes need to be made so you can live authentically, not feel forced to hide your truths.

I know many of you are leading lives, which are challenging and are facing difficult situations, but so is everyone. Don’t ever think that person you know who seems to have everything, does. They too are facing sadness; grief, betrayals, hurts and pain just like you, just differently.

My way of working through the challenging times is to connect to my higher self.

I’d like to say there is a process to this but it’s the simplest, easiest thing for me to do. Why? Because my intention and desire is to live the best greatest way I can and when I hold this good intention I am able to tap into that higher consciousness instantly. I ask for guidance  and the energy instantly flows. This is my knowing my guides and angels are close.   In this higher state of being I am able to make decisions and choices for my highest good and those around me.

So the question remains is there a difference between White Lies and Dishonesty?

The Angles tell me “When we live in a place of honesty there are no needs to hide our truths, for our truths are good, kind and caring and come from a place of understanding, acceptance and compassion. Therefore in this state the lives you lead are full of happiness and gratitude. You overcome any obstacles faced for they are faced jointly with us, in faith and trust. All is well in your world when you live in Peace and Love.”

There is no difference between White Lies and Dishonesty, we can make excuses for being untruthful but when all is said and done, it’s still only an excuse. The best way to live your life is not place yourself in situations that force you into being dishonest. Be responsible, thoughtful, true and considerate to yourself. With every choice you make ask yourself “does this feel good and right?” Be honest with yourself and make the changes for your highest good.

And so the download I received about the comment my Pranic Healing Teacher said to me all those years ago was that it was never about me, it was about him. He was seeking clemency from his past and wanted someone else to confirm it was OK to tell White Lies.

Strive to live authentically, strive to live the greatest life you can live, with good intentions and honesty.   You will feel the freedom, peace and blissful love in this state of living.

All in Perfection.



Catherine May Smith DipFP
Abundance Life Coach

Catherine May Smith, Abundance Life Coach

Catherine has successfully completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Associate Diploma in Accounting, as well as being a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Catherine is an Energy Healer, obtaining Certificates in Reiki & Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy and has also completed an Angel Intuitive Communication Certification with World renowned Author Master and Teacher Doreen Virtue Ph.D.  She has had various articles published in the Nova Magazine.  


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