One Must Learn to Quiet the Mind to Reach the Inner Light of the Soul.

Meditation is a technique that we can use at any time and place to quieten the mind and restore peace and harmony within us. Meditation is intended not to stop us thinking but to help us to produce order in the midst of our confusion. By relaxing our mind through meditation, we can clear the chatter for a time and experience a renewed sense of energy. This enables us to bring identity, clarity and freedom to take control over our lives to become healthier and happier.

Anxiety and stress contributes greatly to the manifestation of illnesses & disease.   Meditation offers important benefits for the cure and prevention of a wide range of health problems and allows the mind and body to function with maximum effectiveness.  Enhancing loving energy and bringing internal peace and harmony into your world.

During sessions I channel guided meditations including negative emotional releasing meditations.   Every meditation is unique and different for each individual as your angel guides and helpers know what is right for you and what has the most meaning and connections to your life experience’s.  As part of my service, every meditation is recorded for you so you can download and utilise a listening device e.g. MP3, IPod etc.

Guided meditations heal the mind and connect you to the one consciousness.  Once you enter the higher realms, you can communicate freely with your angel guides and receive loving guidance.  Some clients have reported out of body experiences during these sessions and have been able to describe where they have been, what they have seen, whom they have communicated with and the messages they have received.

Meditating twice a day helps in prevention, regression and reversal of ageing. Meditation is the perfect medicine. It is thousand times superior to medication. It helps in coping with negative stress, which accelerates ageing whereas positive stress helps in reversal of ageing. Meditation can help us in changing our physiology, biochemistry and improve our immunity to combat diseases.

Some of the benefits experienced by others from frequent use of guided meditation are:

  •         Improved hearing and mental performance
  •         Improved memory
  •         Improvements in psychosomatic and stress related disorders
  •         Benefits for mother and child during pregnancy and childbirth
  •         Improvement in heart disease
  •         Reversal of tumours
  •         Disorders of the nervous system can be improved
  •         Nose, throat and lung problems can be minimised
  •         Increased muscular tone and flexibility
  •         Posture gets corrected, allowing deep breathing
  •         Resetting of the navel point to strengthen the lower triangle
  •         Strengthening of the nervous system
  •         Bringing normalcy to the glandular secretions of the endocrine system
  •         Improving resistance to stress and disease
  •         Opening of the chakras, rendering you more loving and open to others
  •         Deep relaxation and spontaneous healing

Meditation enables us to remain in the present and removes regret for the past and anxiety for the future, energising and healing our mind and body.