Catherine May Smith
Energy Healer

Distant Healing

1 hour distant healing’s available with energy exchange of $90.00 AUD

As the universal loving energy is transferable in an instant, I am able to tap into your energy field anywhere in the world and receive messages from the divinity to share with you whilst sending the healing energy to you.  Messages received from the divinity are recorded during your Distant Healing session and are sent via email so  you may download and listen to.

Our guides and angels know our intention and ensure “what you wish for you will receive”.    So have faith and trust that this process is possible as its not myself but the greater one consciousness that serves your desire to heal, I am the divinities vessel.

1 Hour Energy Healing’s

Energy Healer: Catherine May Smith

Energy Exchange : $90.00 AUD

Book a time via the “Book an appointment” at the top left hand side of the page and either pay via above link or after booking appointment (a paypal screen will appear).  Please include in the comments section of the booking form your full name and date of birth.  If you desire, include a little background on what you wish to receive guidance and understandings from the divinity about and we will respond within the day to confirm your booking.

“Trust you have the power to self heal.”