Catherine May Smith
Abundance Life Coach
Energy/Emotional Healer

Catherine works tirelessly, sharing her knowledge, healing and guiding many on all aspects of their lives ranging from emotional loss & grief, relationships, monetary flow, spirituality & peace, emotional freedom, intuitive development, healing anxiety & depression, meditation, numerology, health, food allergies, medical intuitive, parenting, teenager & children issues, mums with newborns, raising toddlers, clearing negative entities, depression & anxiety, technology & social media issues, addictive substances & behaviours plus other emotional, mental & physical challenges faced by many.

What Soul Abundance clients are saying …

Thank you for the beautiful, peaceful voice and guidance from your Distant Healing Session.
There was a lot to make me realise this was a highly intuitive, connected and meaningful Healing for me and I will continue to listen your recording.
I am a firm believer in “Spiritual Connection” !
Michael, Perth

“Thank you Catherine I really appreciate our session.  Everything you said was so spot on.  Your wisdom and understanding and practicing discernment has been life changing for me.  Thank you Catherine from the bottom of my heart.” 

Amy, Melbourne

My daughter received a lot out of her session with you yesterday– she said for the first time in a long time she felt “empowered”. Instead of just telling her to “go within” you actually provided a couple of tools to move her forward. I am so very grateful to you.  After the trauma she suffered, there is a long healing road to go – but she no longer cries everyday and even talks of the future now and then.  Thank you Catherine.”                                               

Myra, Western Australia

“Thank you for yesterday, I left with more clarity I feel. I appreciate your follow-up email. I understand your message and will try to practice surrendering and releasing to the light as you say. Thank you for your support and I will start to repeat positive affirmations.”                           

Amanda, Perth, Western Australia

“As always Soul Abundance Intuitive Development Fun-Day is a beautiful day. Your home is beautiful and as always no matter what is being discussed or done, these days are healing, inspiring and enlightening.  Lunch was gorgeous and thank you for sharing your experiences too. I appreciate that as I become more ok with myself and my “normality” lol.  Anyhow Catherine beautiful day and thank you for having us.”  

Paige, Perth, Western Australia

“I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for our  reading and chat at the Conscious Living Expo.  Your stand was the only one we visited and the energy of your stand, and all that you offer is very aligned to my life path at the moment, so no wonder I was drawn to speak to you. It made me laugh how you read my husband like a book (man’s world, construction manager, softy at heart but needs to embrace that more internally) Did you see whilst you were speaking to him the reaction in his right eye????? I couldn’t see until we walked away from you -I thought he was crying – but he said his right eye was suddenly tearing down and quite red! Out of the blue! Something was trying to clear wasn’t it? It was lovely to meet you Catherine”

Karen, Perth, Western Australia

 “Thank you so much for yesterday’s session -we found it incredibly powerful and healing. I have never actually felt the presence of spirits before but I truly felt them at the session – and also gained a lot of insight into my thought patterns and capabilities. My husband and I had a really long interesting conversation afterwards and today I enjoyed life at a much more peaceful, less frenetic pace – including making time to meditate”

Anna, Fremantle, Western Australia

“Thank you so much for your teachings and healing, I’ve been feeling great since spending the morning with you Catherine.

Kate, Porthedland, Western Australia

“It was indeed lovely to meet with you Catherine.  I am feeling so much better and everyday very focused on overcoming my limiting beliefs!!!”  

Clara, Perth Western Australia

“Catherine, Arch Angel Michael has helped me soooo much cutting negative energetic cords.
I feel so much more at peace & know I made the right decision. I asked him every time when I’ve had a bad thought or worry & he’s helped me every time.  Thank you for showing the way.”
Name Withheld, Perth WA
“Thanks Catherine so much for being You……I also thank the Angels every day for bringing you into my life & showing me the Light!!!!”
Name Withheld, Perth WA

Honestly Catherine, I need you know that you saved me yesterday, it’s like the fogged up googles were cleaned, the haze lifted and the sun starting shining again. I meditated today, and I released so much.”

Name Withheld, Perth WA

“Wow wow wow!, I woke up today a completely different person. What you did for me yesterday, I cannot express enough how it just completely changed my world in that moment.”

Sandi, Kardinya, Western Australia

“Thank you Catherine and Soul Abundance, I will never forget this, and I want to help you to keep this flow of love flowing, you’ve got my heart Catherine and I will work with you anytime to spread your loving messages to everyone in need.” 
Tammy, Bridgetown, Western Australia

“My love and gratitude to you Catherine, for opening the door for me. I know that I have a lot of work to do but I have felt a massive shift in general – to my wellbeing and my general outlook on many levels of my life. I look forward to our next session. Thanks again.”

John, Perth, Western Australia

“Thank you once again for all your help and guidance 🙂  One session with you makes a world of difference and you truly are a wonderful and gifted person. Words cannot explain how thankful I am!”

Gemma, Perth, Western Australia

“After trying to fall pregnant for a couple years I was told that I would not be able to conceive naturally by a Fertility Centre and IVF was my only chance. I never considered myself as one of those people who would need help falling pregnant and in my heart I knew that IVF was not for me. I was devastated and I didn’t know where to go. Friends and family told me to let go and it will happen when it should. Deep down I was hurt as I didn’t want to let go of having a baby, it’s something that I have wanted for a very long time. This hurt and anger that I was feeling resurfaced a lot of issue’s that I had not dealt with in the past. I needed help and some guidance through this difficult time from someone who understood me. I came across Catherine’s website and I booked the next available appointment with her. She made me feel so secure and at ease when I first meet her. Our session was fantastic and she understood exactly how I was feeling and made me look at things in a different perspective. She also helped me deal with a lot of hurt and anger that I had built up from the past. With some help from natural therapy and Catherine’s sessions it only took me only two months to fall pregnant naturally, I am now 37 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Catherine for all your love and guidance, you are a very gifted and wonderful angel xx”

Gina, Perth, Western Australia

Intuitive Development Day

“Yesterday was beautiful Catherine. Thank you for yet another amazing experience. I will share on FB, so much going on with sprinkles of magic.”

Paige, Perth, Western Australia 

Child Educators Health Retreat, Balingup

“Thank you so much Catherine for everything you gave us, with your time and your words of wisdom. You brought a fantastic energy to the whole weekend.  It wouldn’t of been such a success without you.I have had some amazing feedback from the child care educators about the entire retreat, they all had a relaxing time spent on them. I’ve had some comments on how the meditations have reminded them to slow down and the tools they have taken away will help them daily to keep looking after themselves and the children they care for.  Bless you.”

Bright Futures Family Day Care

“Thank you so much Catherine for meeting with my daughter and I last week. Since meeting with you, things have improved greatly and I have seen a real change not only in my teenage daughter but also with myself.  There is definitely more harmony in our home and getting ready for school has been quite smooth. I really do appreciate your help.”

Juliana, Perth Western Australia

“Dear Catherine I live in Perth Scotland and came across your webpage by accident. I just love it and can not thank you enough for all the encouragement and joy you are bringing my way. God bless you.” 

Elizabeth Perth, Scotland

“Once again heartfelt thank you Catherine.  I appreciate your time in a healing session. Those couple of hours  flew by. A lot of area’s covered and as always more and more pieces and understandings are falling into place, with pretty much all we discussed!”

Shelly, Perth Western Australia

Animal Healing – “I just wanted to share the ‘GOOD NEWS’ with you… Lucky is clear of sickness!. Thank you so much for the healing/energy that you did on him, your energy and our prayers pulled him through!!!”

 Monika, Perth Western Australia

“Thanks once again for last nights meditation. Again different and very powerful. I felt quite deep and peaceful within myself as soon as I walked in the door and I enjoyed that space. I did have dreams that night too.”

“Catherine I feel totally blessed and very cared for.  Thank you for helping me believe.”

Maura, Perth, Western Australia

“Thank you for all that you do Catherine to guide us in our lives so we may attain peace, freedom, love and harmony. You truly are a very special person.”

Donna, Perth Western, Australia

“Thank you Catherine for spending so much time with me. I just loved how I’ve finally met someone who has made sense of all of the stuff going on in my head!”

Leanne, Perth, Western Australia

Last nights meditation was unbelievable, never have I experienced that before, and what the other gentlemen said in the group, was so touching.  I have connected with you and the group so easily. Thank you Catherine, what you do is amazing.”

Soul Sisters Retreat

“Catherine’s ‘The Soul Sister Weekend Retreat’, besides being a spiritual and healing retreat, was a time out from my busy life on the work and home fronts. It was an opportunity to put everything aside and look after number one.”

“Being away for the weekend helped me to be more present, as I didn’t worry about what was happening later on that night or even what was for dinner!  And speaking of dinner (plus lunch x 2 and breakfast!) they were delicious and healthy meals; nourishing “Soul food” for the body, mind and soul. Catherine energised the food with her love and she shared her understandings regarding how we energise our food with positive thoughts. 

Being a small group meant that there was plenty of one to one counselling  There was plenty of fun and laughter, walks on the beach and we even watched the sunset at the beach! 
Not only did we have our  Angel Guides, Divinity, Spirit Guides, but we had not one but TWO Moon Goddesses,  assist us with getting in contact with our inner knowings to aid our healing journey. We felt very special!”
“Catherine’s generous nature and infectious humour just makes the whole experience so much more and I had some gentle reminders of how I need to let go of old habits or untruths as Catherine says and to not let the mind chatter become the truth. Again all said and done with love!”
“In a nutshell a truly remarkable weekend to energise the body and spirit!”

“Harmony in the Workplace” Business Presentation

” Haven’t had a chance but I wanted to say Thank you for yesterday.  The Harmony in the Workplace workshop was uplifting, motivating and unifying for our team.  The messages in your presentation were incredible.  I would highly recommend you to be engaged by any company wishing to create a harmonious and unifying workplace.   We would like to continue with providing this experience for our team on a monthly basis.” 

“Catherine you have been and still are our earth angel.  Thank you for your support and guidance.  Personally you are with me every step of my new routines (whether you know it or not hehehehe) as the transformation to peace, joy, laughter, wisdom and acceptance continues to expand in my life. Man I didnt realise that I was actually up against myself to allow this resists me!! It is a bit funny really. I can always look at it as me verse’s me, so I cant lose!  
Paige, Perth,  Western Australia

Thank you as always for seeing Catherine, it’s great to be able to discuss openly with someone so caring and with great insight.  I’m slowly starting to see the repetitive patterns in my life and finally beginning to release, forgive and move forward.”

Golden Energy Healing Fun-Day  

“As always a big thank you Catherine for your hospitality, warmth and understanding of our individual journey that we are all travelling through. Everything seems so simplified when you explain it to us and show us the way. It might not always go according to plan, but as you have said practice, practice, practice.But most of all, to believe in oneself, and to be receptive and open, to all the good in the universe. In doing this, we may unblock the obstacles that we have unknowingly placed in our future path because of our fears and doubts.Lunch as always was fantastic. As you know, and I have said this a number of times, the types of food i should eat are now limited. But, I have never had a negative affect after eating any of your meals Catherine. How interesting is that! Just wanted to mention the changes in my body after my Healing with you on Thursday. On Friday, Saturday and especially today, I DON’T feel bloated in any way. It’s been a long time since I felt this comfortable in my skin. I know that more attuning is required but I believe we have moved a major obstacle. ALL I CAN SAY IS A BIG THANK YOU CATHERINE”.

“How has Catherine changed my life this year?  I’ve gone from someone who couldn’t function, even though I was holding done a full time job. I was spiraling out of control fast but was too ashamed too tell anyone and to ask for help. What would I say, I didn’t know what was wrong with me and doctors just kept trying to put me on antidepressants, which I tried for 3 months but I knew it would be to no avail. Waking in the mornings I’d have this unreasonable sense of fear and although I wasnt suicidal I thought life wasn’t worth living. That’s what forced me to go on the search for something/someone outside the normal realms of health support. That’s when I found Catherine. Today I am functioning without that constant sense of fear and anxiety and can laugh and most importantly I feel safe and have hope for the future. Thank you Catherine and thank you my Angels, Guides, Loved Ones in Spirit, God or whoever guided me to you. Thank you for handing me back my sanity.”

Golden Energy Healing Fun-Day 

“Catherine I just wanted to thank you again for such a magic day we all had yesterday.  The Christmas luncheon was exceptional”

“You truly have the ability to make everyone feel special, wanted, comfortable and at ease. Such a gifted and special lady you are”.
“A big massive thank you to you Catherine.  Honestly I don’t know where I would be without your support and help, you are truly an earth angel.”

Golden Energy Healing Fun-Day 

“I would like to thank you for the Golden Energy Healing Fun-day, we had of learning and sharing. I had an amazing time and look forward to learning more with you. Since then I have spend time just sitting and being aware of things around me.”
Kay, Floreat, Western Australia

“Thank you for all of your help Catherine 🙂 it has given me some things to think about upon my return to the UK!”

Fiona, United Kingdom.

“Thank you for a very powerful, amazing, loving and wise healing.”

Anne, Perth, Western Australia

Golden Energy Healing Fun-Day  

“I just wanted to say thank you for Saturday, I had a wonderful time and I really love connecting with the other ladies.  It is so beautiful to see the transformations in all of us.”  Maria

Golden Energy Healing Fun-Day  

“I wanted to firstly say thank you for Saturday, I had such a beautiful time and I haven’t laughed so much in ages, it was awesome!   It was such a wonderful day.” “Catherine today was brilliant. Thank you once again for an amazing day, the love, the laughter and the healing, the learning and sharing.xxxx”

“Thank you Catherine for a very powerful, amazing, loving and wise healing. I left you yesterday with a serentity and peace, my heart brimming with love and excitement, a happiness and knowing that all is well in my world! And that I am part of the world and the universe, like everybody else! Its Time – I love that. What an incredible adventure we are embarking on. All our spirits. guides and masters that came forward to be with us yesterday I thank deeply. And to hear from my passed over brother, that was great. WOW! I think that about sums it up!”

“Create the Change” Fun Day 

“What an amazing day.  Little did I known that on this day we would dwell so deep into our subconscious mind and produce such astonishing revelations. I am very grateful both to you and the others in the group that allowed me to share in not only their deep underlying secrets, but also, being able to witness the release of these deep emotions. I too, have experienced this shift in myself and was unaware of how these forgotten and false beliefs were affecting my everyday decisions and outlook on life. I am eagering Looking forward to our next group meeting.”

“I’m sending you massive hugs of love, I am grateful every day for what you have opened my eyes to Catherine – you are one very special and unique lady, I will be always grateful to you for changing my life.”

Julia, Perth, Western Australia

Golden Energy Infusion Day  

  • “Catherine’s energy infusions are just that! An infusion of energy! I come to Catherine’s feeling anxious, fearful, tired, tired in every which way and after an energy infusion I feel soooo much better, calmer, happier and ready to face the world again. It’s like a healing spa or bathing in a fresh water spring. You go in dirty and mucky ( negative feelings) and come out feeling clean ( positive feelings)! Plus Catherine gets messages from spirit to help you get clarity! Thank you Catherine”. Gai, Perth Western Australia
  • “Catherine’s Energy Infusion was incredibly rejuvenating and invigorating.  The energy surges that were felt at my session on Friday were incredible.   It kept me in a natural high and happy state for all of Friday and Saturday.  Thank you Catherine”.  Julia, Hamilton Hill, Western Australia
  •  “Wow, I felt so much better after the session with Catherine, I was calmer and my anxiety wasn’t as intense.  Seeing Catherine’s aura was amazing”. Tina, Perth, Western Australia

“My husband and myself are going wonderful thanks to your help. I can not remember being this happy and totally content  in all areas of my life.”

 Maria, Perth, Western Australia

Golden Energy Healing Fun 

    • It was a great day. I really enjoy being with others that are so open and loving and caring.” Paige, Perth, Western Australia
    • “Thank you for your generous giving on Saturday. It was an amazing experience for me.”  Jenny, Perth Western Australia
  • “Catherine I had a terrific time on the fun day. A bit anxious in the morning, but then seeing the other ladies really happy, joyful and a light feeling overpowered me.”Everyone was gentle, loving, sweet and easily put me at ease. Upon receiving healing I saw the colour purple.” Tina, Perth Western Australia

Create the Change “Fun- Shop” 

  • “I had such a fun day and it felt good to be part of such a special group of people.  Thank you for spending your day, showing and teaching us. It was good to have a day off from the world and experiencing some ‘light bulb moments’ or as Oprah’s says “Aha moments’.  It was an eye opening experience and it felt good to acknowledge some of those.” Rachel, Perth, Western Australia

Soul Abundance Meditation  

  • “Thanks Catherine for the beautiful meditation last evening.  I am so enjoying our fortnightly evenings in such an energized and safe environment. As you know, relaxation and stress management is the most healing (and alkalizing) thing we can do for our bodies. Anger, fear, overwork, unforgiveness the most damaging – just writing those words created a ‘closing off’ and negative feeling in my body! Most of us find it difficult to meditate regularly at home and your sessions teach us how deep we can go when we really relax, trust and let the healing happen.”
  • “I find not only do I experience more energy in the group meditation but I enjoy connecting with the others in the group and look forward to seeing them each time. Also we get instant feedback on our experiences with Catherine’s insight (literaturely and figuratively) and time permitting some metaphysical lessons and explanations.We have the added bonus of being able to enjoy the soothing tones of Catherine’s recorded meditations after the event at any time. When I am stressed or can’t sleep I put on one of Catherine’s meditations until I feel like all is right with the world again!”
  • “Beautiful and very powerful meditation last night, thank you Catherine.”

“Thank you for the session yesterday Catherine, I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Great that you have sent me an audio recording also. Thank you so much again”

Sharon, Perth, Western Australia

“I really enjoyed the session today Catherine. I’m feeling a lot better about things. When I’m home from overseas next, it will be good to have another session, & also a reading.”

Kylie, Perth, Western Australia

“It was both a pleasure and very interesting to meet you today Catherine. The things that were brought forward I would not have pieced together myself.  Had it not have been for today I could never have experienced the impact the collective information has had on me. I had fun in todays session, thank you.”

Clayton, Perth, Western Australia

I cannot thank Bert & yourself enough Catherine .  Gratitude is all I have for this miracle.  Thank you, thank you thankyou and may God Bless you both.  The healing powers you both have are incredible.  And this has definitely been a rebirth.  I actually feel alive, truly alive.  I feel I am seeing everything so clearly and living every moment, really living every single moment.   I have a calmness, a peace that I can’t describe, but I know you know what I am talking about. I am doing everything different, I don’t want to do anything the same.  I know changes will come soon for work I just have to be patient,  but for the moment I am just happy, happy for life and the amazing love I am feeling at the moment, especially from my family and most of all, love for myself, for this new person that stands in front of the mirror.”

Julia, Perth, Western Australia

I am still feeling much lighter and happier from what you have shown me – this week I had a few things that I was needing to get sorted   before I went away – when I would start worrying about it I would just put it out there for it to be sorted out and asking for help and one by one each problem was sorted without me having to chase things up.  I also think I have been able to help my daughter to look at things in a different way by letting her know how things are changing for me with the different way I am looking at things, and for that I thank you very much Catherine.

Louella, Perth, Western Australia

Create the Change “Fun- Shop” …

  • “Over-viewing key areas of your life with Catherine is an opportunity not to miss. I received personal messages, affirmations and guidance throughout the day while connecting and laughing with others. As the day revealed the true essence of my belief systems, I was surprised how quickly new perspectives and possibilities were giving me new direction. The healthy, positive tools received will help me to restore balance and my quest to lead a happy, fulfilling life. Thank you Catherine”. Paige, Perth, Western Australia
  • “The Create The Change Fun Shop was a wonderful experience. I was a bit nervous and anxious but Catherine was very caring an understanding.  We started off with a meditation that helped me relax and enjoy the process. I thought I knew all my belief systems that are ingrained and indoctrinated from a young age and all ages really, but Catherine helped me drill down a bit more and there was quite a few ‘light bulb’ moments that have caused huge shifts in my understanding and healing! The day was a “fun day” with much laughter and I felt safe to share my healing in such a supportive environment, so thank you Catherine for a fun, healing day!” Gai, Perth,  WA

“I knew I needed more direction in life.   Without your sessions I feel I would have been ‘frozen in time’ for at least another year.  You helped my confidence greatly Catherine and I feel happy and healthy.  Thank you.”

Rosie, Margaret River, WA

“I am 14 years old and have been seeing Catherine for a while now. I was a bit hesitant to go at first to see her, but now it’s great and interesting. A lot was wrong with my back at the time not that we knew and it was affecting me in all parts of my life. Within moments of me verbalising the symptoms I was suffering she simply said “adjustment of the neck & spine”. She identified a very serious problem that 6 years of doctor’s did not find. The sessions with her are very relaxing and you feel good after; the time just flies by. It is really worth it to see her and you’ll enjoy it too.

Josh, Palmyra,  WA

My son first saw Cathy when he was 13 and half. He felt misunderstood, unheard and invisible. He had lost all faith in himself, me and the world. You could barely hear him when he spoke. His sleep was riddled with bad dreams; his fears were many and for all the doctor and specialist appointments he attended there seemed to be no answer to his headaches, sore back, aching legs and many fears. He felt let down by pretty much all adults around him as his constant aches and pains, discomfort and worries were dismissed, brushed over and generalized as an excuse not to go to school. Home became emotional turmoil as answers were never found, the stress to go to school became anxieties with anger, frustration and tears became a daily thing. Fears and all the contradictions of the outside world, daily life became a grind. The first day of high school became the same stressful morning we have experienced over and over. I decided to seek alternatives – there were none and I wasn’t going to home school. A meeting to discuss options confirmed for my son that nobody cared and nobody was interested in listening to him. He became responsible for the legal action threatened and the fine I would get, again the toughen up message and again mum needs to exert tough love. I lost him that day for a bit. He went silent, his face was expressionless and his eye’s looked vacant as he whispered I’m sorry mum I can’t do it I’m sorry. I didn’t care about the school, work, money, or what anybody thought. I knew where I wasn’t going for help and vowed that I would find the right person, even if we saw 100 people beforehand. Catherine understood Josh immediately. He didn’t have to talk as she instinctively identified his key areas of concern. She spoke with him about and acknowledged a lot of things he had told numerous other people. She even discussed some world issues that were causing him concern. Catherine very quickly identified some of the fears and answered some of the more serious self – doubting questions he had. We laughed together for the first time on the way home when he told me he thought Catherine was reading his mind. By the second visit he was talking again, even though he was letting his guard down slowly. Coming home from the last visit he told me he felt like he was catching up with an old friend when he saw Catherine. My son still has a lot to work through. He is talking, eating and we get out and about a bit. Catherine is helping him make sense of the world, understand himself, understand others. A meditation (Catherine recorded with him) he brought home to listen to at bedtime gave him his first peaceful night’s sleep with no bad dreams. School is a work in progress. And that is O.K. For it is progressing now at long last; finally my feelings of anguish regarding his education have gone. Catherine directed us to the chiropractor’s and an x – ray confirmed 3 key areas that need some work that affect the health ailments my son has been telling people from the start. For me the experience has been amazing, the advice invaluable, the truth around some key circumstances in my life has allowed me to feel peace and understanding I have been looking for. To have my tummy free of knots and to have all those horrible thoughts circling my mind, and most of all, understandings and tools that have already made me a better mum. A session with Catherine is truly an amazing experience.

Paige, Josh’s mother, Palmyra, WA

NB – from Catherine: “Josh is a highly intuitive, gentle and gifted teenager. The changes I am witnessing as he learns to understand his own personal power has been truly gratifying and wonderful, I give thanks to all the angels, guides and masters who are working with us”. June 2012…Josh transformation over the past 12 months has been, what some would describe a miracle.  Josh has returned to school and he is so much more confident.  He has stopped many of the nervous behaviours he displayed when he first saw me and chats and shares openly with me.  I feel very blessed.” Catherine May Smith.

Following some difficult times at work the universe led me to Catherine who, over the following weeks, guided me to a peace and clarity which, although I knew were attainable, I just didn’t know how to get there. Now, every day amazing things happen and I am so much more conscious of the beautiful people and world around me. If you feel in any way unsure of your path or purpose, I strongly suggest that Catherine’s guidance will allow a whole new world of wonder, joy and love to open up to you.”

Name Withheld, Perth WA

“Over the years we became aware that Cathy had some special gifts and we have been privileged to see her develop the skills and expertise needed to enable her to use these gifts effectively. Cathy is now a competent and gifted spiritual healer. We know there are many things for which we currently have no rational or logical explanation. Cathy’s gifts are a good example.”

Ted, Perth, WA

“Catherine has been an inspiration to my own spiritual development. I have progressed heaps since my sessions with her. I see more clearly, I feel more deeply and I am finally beginning to let go of deep rooted attachments which have been negatively affecting my life for so many years. I know she will always be there to welcome me back if I feel I am slipping back into my old habits.”

Annie, Perth,  WA

About four years ago I was having vision problems and about to have a make or break operation for which I was terrified. We met Cathy by chance and she was able to assure me that my operation would be a success, there were many Guardians looking out for me. My operation was a beautiful success. I have just had serious surgery to my leg and once again Cathy has been able to give me the strength to know that everything would be successful. I am so grateful for her gift and continued support.”

Maura, Perth WA

 I first contacted Cathy after the breakdown of my long term relationship and was greatly in need of guidance to get myself back on track. Cathy has helped me to understand a great deal about my life, acknowledgement of life’s little messages and secrets, an ability to forgive and ultimately self forgiveness. During and after each session, I felt calmer and calmer, a feeling of joy and elation that I was entering a new era in my life and for the first time in years with a positive outlook. The guidance and healing that Cathy provided has given me a power unbeknown to me previously that has allowed me to move on in life with a belief of self respect and a knowing that the future will be abundant in many weird and wonderful ways. Thank you very much Cathy, you’re a star.”

Scott, Perth, WA

“We had the good fortune to be recommended to Catherine through a work colleague. Our daughter (12yrs) had been struggling with her confidence for quite some time. She had some very specific issues that needed resolving—particularly her fear of immunisations – which had to be completed within a strict time-frame, and constant bullying at school. We had tried everything and had reached the end of our resources as a family. I rang Catherine to see if she felt she could assist us. From the outset the experience was positive, I was reassured by her diligence and the time she took in speaking to me over the phone, before we even booked an appointment. As I had never used a skills coach before I expected it would take a few sessions to really see if there was any progress. By the time we had driven 10 minutes down the road, after my daughters first session, I knew something fundamental had changed in my daughter’s demeanour. I was quietly excited, crossed my fingers that it would last and remarkably she has not looked back. We ended up attending three sessions with Catherine, each one building a little more on the last. I was particularly impressed with the way Catherine helped our daughter to use visual strategies that are very practical, not stressful and easily implemented. Our daughter was totally involved in the direction of the sessions and could accept and reject anything that she was not comfortable with. Catherine has given our daughter a new outlook and the ability to feel more in control of negative external influences. She is extremely diligent in following up with us to ensure our daughter is doing well. Catherine has a wonderful rapport with people, she is calm, skilful and intuitive I would recommend her to anyone who is trying to effect lasting change in their lives.”

Name Withheld, Perth WA

“Prior to seeing Cathy, I would constantly worry about everything, and little things would get blown into big things that I couldn’t stop dwelling on, to the point where it was impacting on my sleep. My very first session with Cathy gave me a great sense of clarity around the issues, and I was able to stop thinking about them all the time. With Cathy’s coaching, I have learned to let go of all the little things, and focus on what’s important. If things start to worry or distract me, I’m now able to quieten my mind, let go of the emotional clouding, and see things for what they are. I am substantially happier in general. I no longer worry about things that are not important, and can better deal with things that are important to deal with. I feel peaceful; I sleep well, and have faith that I can bring about any changes I wish to achieve in life.”

Simone, WA

“Cathy helps me unfold a different part of myself and has given me new skills and understanding which will help me on my journey through life. I always come away from working with Cathy feeling, relaxed, restored, balanced and healed. I recommend her to all who want a gentle and guided experience.”

Diana, Coogee WA

“Cathy’s guidance has helped me to see life and others with clarity, understanding and acceptance. This has brought me an inner peace that now benefits my children, and those around me. Thank you.”

NM, Willetton, WA

You don’t even realise you need Cathy until afterwards. Go with an open mind & be surprised at how you feel. Your experience can be funny & it can be sad, but most of all you’ll be amazed at how you feel that day, the next day & the next. Cathy can change your life.

Danielle, Dunsborough, WA

Cathy is a kind, gentle, caring person and I love the way she encourages and supports me. With Cathy’s help a lot of things became clearer. I believe I have developed strength to overcome obstacles in my life and have found inner peace. Thanks Cathy.

Anita, WA

“Firstly, I wanted to thank you for your time today. It would seem that the awareness of my current situation (and how it was created) has certainly been an emotional trigger for me. I am however, going to welcome this opportunity for growth and change and finally create and accept the wealth and abundance I deserve. Even after our meeting today, I have felt a shift and believe that with your help, this will be the beginning of a very positive time in my life.”

Finnette, Claremont, WA

“Apart from that, I feel very confident now, I no longer feel nervous like I always used to. I’ve started to lose weight (4.5kg since then) and I’ve stopped biting my nails unconsciously, I only just noticed yesterday that my nails have grown and I don’t feel that nervous energy I used to do when I bit them. You totally changed my life Cathy, thank you for that! I have recommended you to a few of my friends as well. Thank you again.”

Kelly, Armadale, WA


Catherine has successfully completed an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning, Associate Diploma in Accounting, as well as being a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Catherine is an Energy Healer, obtaining Certificates in Reiki & Pranic Healing, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy and has also completed an Angel Intuitive Communication Certification with World renowned Author Master and Teacher Doreen Virtue Ph.D.  She has had various articles published  in the Nova Magazine.