Are you giving away your Soul Light?

Are you giving away your Soul Light? When one of my clients asked the following question I new the answer I wrote was very relevant to many at this time and so I share… Client: “Catherine, I have a little issue. I currently having my Mum staying "Read More"

Opening to 2013 – Message from Master Kuthumi of the White Brotherhood

The follow message from Master Kuthumi of the White Brotherhood has been received by my dear mentor and friend Lynette from Kuthumi School.  Read carefully and take heed of his messages which are so important in this time of change "Read More"

Keys to Abundance

Keys to Abundance Emotional Blocks When we feel the fearful inner emotions which overwhelm and stop us from moving forward, understand you have a choice at every moment whether to keep them, suppressing them into your internal being or free yourself of them "Read More"

Surrendering to Love

Love is an amazing energy. It is something that is felt through emotions and exists in everything and is everywhere around us. Love is the food for the soul. It is the most important ingredient to life itself, and without "Read More"

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